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Some1 who needs you
Religion: ISLAM Occupation: Student
Age: 18 Nationality: SAUDI ARABIA
Gender: M First Language: Not Specified
Country: UNITED KINGDOM Has Children?: Yes
City : Manchester Spoken Languages : Not specified
State : Not specified Marital Status : Married

What I'm going to write in here will completely the truth about myself so that when you meet me you wont be surprised. I'm Saudi doing my Ph,D here in the UK which will last after almost 4 years and then I'll maybe back to my country.
I'm healthy (but not wealthy lol) a 174 cms high and almost 80ish weight. So down to earth, I like honesty, truthfulness and sincerity as I'm alhamdu Lillah. Generous who loves guests, generous who never hesitates to pay whatsoever is needed by his family-but not to the extravagance which is one of shayateen habits. Very easy going and you shouldn't need more than 10-15 minutes to feel as if you know me since years and me too, I need a very short time to get along very well with you and break all hurdles between us.
My general appearance should be judged by you when you see me but don't worry you wont panic lol. I love the since of humour ALOT and that's why many people like me and I have many friends.

I'm Looking for :
Age : 18-99 Has Children?: Not Important
Gender: F Marital Status : Not Specified
Religion: ISLAM Spoken Languagues : Arabic , English

Assalamu alykum my dear wife to be,

I need you to most importantly be honest and truthful and a practising moslim or having an intention to be like so. I need you to be ATTRACTIVE (this is considerably relative which varies from one to one, I mean you might look attractive to me and not to others and vice versa) so a meeting will tell about this. I need you to be fit and your hygiene is very high in your all life aspects. A light complexion is prioritised but not that essential. I think whatever I say about myself or you say about yours wont mean that we don't have to see each other because meeting in flesh and blood could shorten the distances and judges fairly.
Many thanks for all who read my profile and a (special thanks for those who are interested :-)).
You can contact me on my email (Pacific_09@hotmail.co.uk)

Posted by:I need you , Last updated on: 26-Oct-2010

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